About us

The Timson Group was founded in 1995 with the goal of developing and promoting innovative UV-technology based medical products, for the domestic market.

Since then, Timson products have become renowned for quality, with the company being acknowledged as a reputable and reliable business partner.

Timson can now lay claim to a number of licensed products worldwide and is the owner of a growing number of international patents.

The company remains committed to the values, priorities and objectives on which it was founded. These are:

•    Ensuring the highest possible quality standards
•    Ständige Commitment to the continuous improvement of products and production technologies
•    The adoption of just-in-time-production strategies
•    Continuous expansion on the market
•    Customer-oriented research and development.

In addition, we produce electrical appliances on behalf of third party companies, all of which are fully compliant with international manufacturing standards.