Each Step Towards Your Health

The student years are, for many of us, among the best times of our lives. In those years we are full of ideas and enthusiasm and fond of group activities such as trekking, alpine skiing, scuba diving, etc. Several years after graduation I decided to organize a group tour with my university friends to do some scuba diving and sea & sun bathing. As I started putting together a group, one of my best friends from university began making excuses. Since I could not imagine that trip without him, I made up my mind to do everything to change his mind. However, my prolonged persuasive and solid arguments in favor of the trip seemed to fall on deaf ears. I was perplexed and tried to understand the reason for my friend’s refusal. One day I met a mutual friend who told me my friend suffered from some strange affliction. Physicians had diagnosed it as mycosis. Tiny cracks had formed between his toes and on the soles of his feet and his toenails were deformed and crumbled. With that malady my friend had developed an inferiority complex. He became self-conscious and avoided taking off his clothes and footwear on the beach or at the poolside, afraid that others might notice the condition of his feet and toenails. Indeed, he repeatedly overheard other people making comments on his condition. Furthermore, he was constantly worried about infecting his family.

It was hard to believe, I had always known my friend as a jolly fellow and enthusiastic sportsman who was optimistic and fond of socializing. I felt an urge to help him overcome his problem so I started reading books on fungal infections of feet and toenails. I discovered that too many people suffer from that disease. According to medical statistics and epidemiological data, fungal infection of toenails can be found in nearly every fifth adult. The data issued by the European project ACHILLES shows that nearly 25% of patients suffer from fungal infection of skin or nails. More than 5% of well-to-do persons are infected with toenail fungi. (It is noteworthy that the incidence of the disease has increased 2.5-fold in the last 10 years.) Moreover, I have also learnt that mycosis and onychomycosis patients are continuously compelled to change their footwear. They have to throw their shoes away and buy new one since after a while footwear becomes infected with the harmful bacteria and can no longer be worn. Shocked with that information, I started seeking a solution to the problem. My friends also joined me. No, we did not want to invent a new anti-fungi medicine, there are enough of those available on the market. While studying the problem we repeatedly consulted with physicians and conducted a study at the Research Institute of Medical Mycology in St. Petersburg, Russia. The results have exceeded our expectations. It has been established that thermal exposure of footwear dehumidifies it, eliminating the conditions favorable for fungi growth and, furthermore, UV radiation ensures 99% elimination of fungi and bacteria!

After treatment with our dryer your footwear is not only dry, it is clean and disinfected.

That was the beginning of the story of our Company and UV footwear dryer, which not only carefully dries your footwear but also eliminates bacteria, fungi and harmful microorganisms as well as offensive odours.

By the way, the first person we helped overcome mycosis with our technology was my best friend!